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“I’m addicted to Mountain Dew!!!”

I recently had a patient say this:  “I am addicted to Mountain Dew….is Diet Mountain Dew that much better for me….do diet drinks really help you lose weight?”  This has become a hot topic recently. There have been conflicting studies … Continue reading

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Ice or Heat for an injury – which is better?

I encounter this question often from patients in the office.  Ice is commonly used for acute injuries – meaning that you have just twisted your ankle, sprained your back, etc.   Ice provides the most benefit in the first 24-48 hours … Continue reading

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Why is my urine dark after exercise?

Exercise can cause hematuria (red blood cells in the urine).  Red-brown urine can be seen after: Contact sports:  Football and boxing  (from suffering injury to the kidneys/bladder) Noncontact sports:  Long-distance running, spinning, swimming March hemoglobinuria – resulting from trauma to red … Continue reading

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When a loved one can’t remember….

Joking aside, this is not an uncommon type of exchange between someone with dementia and those who love them. People with dementia usually have memory loss, difficulty speaking or writing coherently, and/or recognizing familiar surroundings.  These patients’ symptoms interfere with their … Continue reading

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I sunburn more easily now…is this because of my medicine?

There are several medications that can cause photosensitivity, which is an increased sensitivty to light, usually ultraviolet light.  This commonly causes a sunburn. The list of medications that can cause photosensitivity is pretty long.  For terms of this answer, I have included … Continue reading

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How long does it take your lungs to heal after quitting smoking?

This morning I had a patient ask me about when his lungs would go back to “normal” after quitting smoking.  Here are the changes your body will undergo when you quit smoking.  The following was taken from   Please look at that … Continue reading

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Common cold….still no cure

The common cold is caused by a number of different viruses, Rhinovirus being the most common.  The common cold occurs year-round, but we see a large number during the fall and winter months.  Despite popular thought, colds are not caused … Continue reading

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