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Recurrent fever in a toddler

  I was recently asked if it’s normal for a toddler to have fevers up to 102.8.  This answer depends on a few things.  Timing of the fever is important;  it is notable that body temperature can increase at night, … Continue reading

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My child wakes up upset and not wanting to eat….what is it?

I was recently asked about a toddler with difficulty sleeping, awaking in apparent pain, and not wanting to eat or drink much.  I can’t say for sure what this is, but one thing it may be is night terrors. Sleep, … Continue reading

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Suntanned skin looks nice….but is not worth it

I recently had a family member diagnosed with melanoma.  He was an avid sunbather.  Would spend his days at the pool from 11am-3pm as often as he could.  And in the colder seasons, he went to the tanning bed. This … Continue reading

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