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Not all red eyes are “pink eyes”

Red eye typically is from conjunctivitis, which literally means “inflammation of the conjunctiva.”   The conjunctiva lines the inside surface of the eyelids and covers the surface of the eye.   It is usually transparent.  When it is inflamed it looks pink … Continue reading

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“My doctor said my itching isn’t from dry skin, but scabies”

Scabies is a skin condition that causes very itchy skin.  It is caused by a skin mite that burrow under your skin and lay eggs.   This is spread by person to person contact, or by picking up a mite from … Continue reading

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How to help your “pooping and puking” child

I have a lot of patients who come to the office complaining of their children having vomiting or diarrhea, or both.  These stomach issues are enough to make anyone miserable, but getting to the point of dehydration is even worse.  … Continue reading

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Recurrent fever in a toddler

  I was recently asked if it’s normal for a toddler to have fevers up to 102.8.  This answer depends on a few things.  Timing of the fever is important;  it is notable that body temperature can increase at night, … Continue reading

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Tick bites and Lyme disease

Now that it’s warm out, people are heading out to camp and hike, and do lawn/yardwork.  We have recently seen an increase in calls about tick bites to our office.  So, now is a good time to tell you about … Continue reading

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Measles is in Indiana!!!!

Measles has been reported in Northeast Indiana What to Know about Measles: Measles is spread by contact with droplets from the nose, mouth, or throat of an infected person.  Most common ways to put infectious particles in the air … Continue reading

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Girl Talk….When you just know something isn’t right “down there”

According to the America Family Physician, vulvovaginal complaints are one of the most common reasons for women to seek medical advice.  There are several reasons for a woman to experience vaginal itching, discharge, or odor.  The most common culprits are … Continue reading

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