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Vomiting in infants/children

What causes vomiting in babies/kids? NEONATES AND YOUNG INFANTS: Gastroesophageal reflux disease: Seen in minority of kids. Most kids are “happy spitters”; they effortless regurgitate mild amounts of milk. In actually GERD, infants tend to have recurrent fussiness or irritability … Continue reading

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Are baby teething aids safe?

This question was originally raised in 2006.  Since then, more studies into over-the-counter products like Anbesol and Orajel have been conducted.  Here’s a link to the article: As with most over the counter products, they should be used according to … Continue reading

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How to help your “pooping and puking” child

I have a lot of patients who come to the office complaining of their children having vomiting or diarrhea, or both.  These stomach issues are enough to make anyone miserable, but getting to the point of dehydration is even worse.  … Continue reading

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Recurrent fever in a toddler

  I was recently asked if it’s normal for a toddler to have fevers up to 102.8.  This answer depends on a few things.  Timing of the fever is important;  it is notable that body temperature can increase at night, … Continue reading

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My child wakes up upset and not wanting to eat….what is it?

I was recently asked about a toddler with difficulty sleeping, awaking in apparent pain, and not wanting to eat or drink much.  I can’t say for sure what this is, but one thing it may be is night terrors. Sleep, … Continue reading

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Potty Training

Potty Training Your Child Do not start toilet training until both you and your child are ready. Signs that your child is ready include the following: Your child signals that his or her diaper is wet or soiled. Your child seems … Continue reading

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I get calls about parents concerned about their child’s fever, how high is too high, and what they can do for it.  Here is a brief outline of elevated temperatures and fever. Body temperature varies a degree or so over the course of … Continue reading

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