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Yet Another Benefit of Aspirin…. Advertisements

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“My doctor said my itching isn’t from dry skin, but scabies”

Scabies is a skin condition that causes very itchy skin.  It is caused by a skin mite that burrow under your skin and lay eggs.   This is spread by person to person contact, or by picking up a mite from … Continue reading

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Suntanned skin looks nice….but is not worth it

I recently had a family member diagnosed with melanoma.  He was an avid sunbather.  Would spend his days at the pool from 11am-3pm as often as he could.  And in the colder seasons, he went to the tanning bed. This … Continue reading

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Tick bites and Lyme disease

Now that it’s warm out, people are heading out to camp and hike, and do lawn/yardwork.  We have recently seen an increase in calls about tick bites to our office.  So, now is a good time to tell you about … Continue reading

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Ice or Heat for an injury – which is better?

I encounter this question often from patients in the office.  Ice is commonly used for acute injuries – meaning that you have just twisted your ankle, sprained your back, etc.   Ice provides the most benefit in the first 24-48 hours … Continue reading

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I sunburn more easily now…is this because of my medicine?

There are several medications that can cause photosensitivity, which is an increased sensitivty to light, usually ultraviolet light.  This commonly causes a sunburn. The list of medications that can cause photosensitivity is pretty long.  For terms of this answer, I have included … Continue reading

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